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Passing mentions 10/07/2020

Web Links, when provided, expire over time, no effort is planned to update them.

Clifton Vaughan, MD is co-founder of Natural Baby Shower. https://www.essen...mnichannel

Dale D. Vaughan and Rose M. Vaughan transferred property in Wayne Township, Pennsylvania to the Vaughan Irrevocable Trust, Trustee Dale D. Vaughan and Trustee Rose M. Vaughan.

Diana Irey Vaughan is Republican chairperson of the Washington County (PA) Board of Commissioners

Lindsay Vaughan is the executive director of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association.

Jessica Vaughan is the Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies in Massachusetts.

William E. Vaughan was an American newspaper columnist (1915-1977).

National Weather Service Observational Program Leader Kimberly Vaughan in Alaska

James Vaughan is the executive director for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Angela H Vaughan is an attorney in Gainesville, Florida

Joshua Ryan Vaughan is an attorney in Akron, Ohio.

Kathryn Ann Vaughan is an attorney in Melbourne, Florida

William Edward Vaughan is an attorney in Hamilton, NJ

Tanner Vaughan Wall is an attorney in Huntington, WV

Bradford Allen Vaughan is an attorney in Atlanta, GA

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NOTICE: Highly likely I will NOT be making any posting for the next 3 weeks due to cataract surgery.
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I've completed adding all of the Vaughans buried in Veteran or National cemeteries within the U.S. I'll revisit the burials in about 6 months to add the newly interred.