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Welcome to Vaughan Genealogy (Rising from the Ashes Edition)

Welcome to Vaughan Genealogy (Rising from the Ashes Edition)

Greetings fellow Vaughan enthusiasts.

This is the resurrected Vaughan genealogy website.  Some things will be the same, some different.

There will be no charge/cost for the use of this site.  Eventually, we may accept donations to defray the operating costs, but that is a way off.

Registration is not required, but is highly recommended as I am leaning toward requiring registration to get to the "good stuff."

The initial upload of genealogy data will be several years old -- but be patient, more recent updates will occur

You can reach the Vaughan genealogy by clicking Here

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Baguio2 years ago
Resumed posting, health permitting.
Baguio2 years ago
Again battling health issues which has delayed any posting.
Baguio2 years ago
Well, I'm slowly starting up again by adding new burials to Military/Veteran cemeteries.
Baguio2 years ago
NOTICE: Highly likely I will NOT be making any posting for the next 3 weeks due to cataract surgery.
Baguio2 years ago
I'm looking for a volunteer who is willing to help by being an administrator. Duties would basically consist of adding content similar to what I currently add. Send me a private message if int